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Orange Aerospace creates prototype and one-off, manned and unmanned aerial vehicles. With creating more sustainable propulsion solutions as our greatest challenge.

Our dedicated team of inspired specialists in engineering, manufacturing, electronics and operations has been taking the lead in this field for years. And whether a request comes from a research institute or a private person, our approach is solid.

Every step in the process is documented and bound by procedures. This however does not withhold us from unceasingly exploring the outer edges of what is technically possible. Because not only is innovation in our DNA, we are pragmatists and problem-solvers at heart.

Aviation quality management

The sky is the limit with AS9100. AS9100 (also known as EN9100) is a quality management system based on ISO 9001 and focuses on the quality of aerospace. The AS9100 certification is issued by the Lloyd's Register and forms the basis for the safety, reliability and regulatory compliance of our products in the aerospace industry.

The Orange Aerospace team

  • Jethro ten Bruggencate

    Jethro ten Bruggencate

    Flight Operations

  • Lars Evers

    Lars Evers

    Lead assembly engineer

  • Jurgen Beskers

    Jurgen Beskers

    Lead CAD/CAM Engineer

  • Martijn van Gellecum

    Martijn van Gellecum

    Lead project engineer

  • Gerard van Rijn

    Gerard van Rijn

    Finance & office manager

  • John van Gastel

    John van Gastel


  • Ryan van Steen

    Ryan van Steen

    Media & Communication

  • Teun van Beek

    Teun van Beek

    Project engineer

  • Martijn van Dorst

    Martijn van Dorst

    Project engineer

  • Joris Jorissen

    Joris Jorissen

    Project Engineer

  • Wim Verwoert

    Wim Verwoert


  • Dmitriy Kropiventsev

    Dmitriy Kropiventsev

    Senior Aircraft Engineer

  • Bo Heerkens

    Bo Heerkens

    Composites technician

  • Luuk van Renswouw

    Luuk van Renswouw

    Composites technician

  • Igor Latysh

    Igor Latysh

    Composites technician

  • Harvey van Loon

    Harvey van Loon

    CAD/CAM programmer

  • Kevin Hoogendoorn

    Kevin Hoogendoorn

    Flight operations and certification

  • Igor Bezeliuk

    Igor Bezeliuk

    Composites technician

  • Jolanda van Dam

    Jolanda van Dam

    Facilities assistant

  • Krzysztof Sobczynski

    Krzysztof Sobczynski

    Composites technician

  • Loes van Gastel

    Loes van Gastel


  • Nico Kroon

    Nico Kroon

    Business development

  • Nathalie Embrechts

    Nathalie Embrechts

    Composites technician

  • Jimmy Hage

    Jimmy Hage

    Systems engineer

  • Melissa Salomon

    Melissa Salomon

    Engineering intern

  • Karl Kühmstedt

    Karl Kühmstedt

    Aerodynamics Intern

  • Wouter Moonen

    Wouter Moonen

    Production Intern

  • Cas Kuijpers

    Cas Kuijpers

    Production Intern

  • Abdualrahman Altair

    Abdualrahman Altair

    Production Intern

  • Ryan Vu

    Ryan Vu

    Flight Operations

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Careers / Internships

Every day, Orange Aerospace's manufacturing employees build the future of aerospace. If you have mechanical, maintenance, mechatronics and/or aerospace skills, join our team. Your future awaits you. View all current job openings or send us an open application.

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