Our facility is focused on markets like research institutes

We are driven by execution. We ensure that project milestones are achieved, both quantitatively and qualitatively. This can be guaranteed by our experienced team and extensive infrastructure.

Take innovation to the next level

Research institutes

The world of aviation keeps expanding. We want to fly farther, longer, higher, and faster. At the same time, society is demanding more air traffic as well as a reduction of its impact on the world. We provide answers to your research questions. And we don’t just answer on paper – we deliver the actual solution.

Highly skilled

UAV manufacturers

Developing and deploying new ways to innovate aviation is what drives us every day. Our dedicated team of inspired specialists has been taking the lead in the field of UAV’s for years.

Trustworthy engineering

Aircraft manufacturers

You deliver the idea. We deliver the right flight to change the industry, for the better. Orange Aerospace stands for custom-built aircrafts. Our mission is to create an infrastructure and a validated set of tools to make aviation sustainable.

Expanding boundaries

Custom built aircraft

Orange Aerospace focuses on the development and production of airframes for drones and sport aircraft for various international customers. Over the years we grew from a manufacturer to the link between the researcher and the final product. With our impressive track record, we offer a total solution, which is quite unique in this fast-growing niche market. At Orange Aerospace, the sky is not the limit.

Turn research into results with a solid approach

  • Idea

    Step 01


  • Target / Requirements

    Step 02

    Target / Requirements

  • Conceptual design

    Step 03

    Conceptual design

  • Preliminary design

    Step 04

    Preliminary design

  • Critical design

    Step 05

    Critical design

  • Manufacturing

    Step 06


  • Assembly and component integration

    Step 07

    Assembly and component integration

  • Testing and validation

    Step 08

    Testing and validation

  • Delivery

    Step 09


  • Product support

    Step 10

    Product support

Sovereign autonomous systems
Desert Aerospace LLC
Breda International Airport
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