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The world of aviation keeps expanding. We want to fly farther, longer, higher, and faster. At the same time, society is demanding more air traffic as well as a reduction of its impact on the world. We provide answers to your research questions. And we don’t just answer on paper – we deliver the actual solution.

Track record in research

Orange Aerospace can boast an excellent track record in collaborations with research institutes all over the world. We also have the expertise to complete the project management and reporting. This makes us the perfect partner for any research institute involved in aviation technology.

Turning research into results

In addition to developing and designing aircraft, we also specialize in creating automated and sensory electronics, scaled flight testing and building UAV's. Orange Aerospace works together with renowned research institutes, as well as start-ups, at the forefront of these new developments in aviation. We provide proof of concept and make sure every project milestone is achieved. Execution is key. We have all the knowledge, machinery and tools necessary to complete a project in-house. This means less outsourcing and complete control of the supply chain and delivery times.

Designed, documented, delivered.

Our engineers explore the outer edges of what is technically possible. Every step in our designing process is carefully documented and bound by strict procedures. Our engineers are always fully in charge of their design and implementation. Our DNA does not consist of innovation alone, we are pragmatists and problem-solvers at heart. The result? The right answer to your research question. Delivered in time and built with the highest standards for accuracy.

Turn research into results with a solid approach

  • Idea

    Step 01


  • Target / Requirements

    Step 02

    Target / Requirements

  • Conceptual design

    Step 03

    Conceptual design

  • Preliminary design

    Step 04

    Preliminary design

  • Critical design

    Step 05

    Critical design

  • Manufacturing

    Step 06


  • Assembly and component integration

    Step 07

    Assembly and component integration

  • Testing and validation

    Step 08

    Testing and validation

  • Delivery

    Step 09


  • Product support

    Step 10

    Product support

Tell us what your aerial project needs. We like to think along.

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Lead project engineer

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