Based on over twenty years of experience, we at Orange Aerospace know how to instinctively act right during flight operations. Our multidisciplinary ground crew, UAV pilots and certified UAS operators act in a split second. Read more about our operators and operations.

Multidisciplinary groundcrew

In aviation, the ground crew is the support crew supplying the aircraft with fuel and maintenance, as opposed to the air crew. Orange Aerospace's ground crew is an interdisciplinary team that consists of flight operations, maintenance employees and engineers. This multidisciplinary focus ensures the best approach and accurate action in every mission.

Certified UAS operator

As UAS operator we are able to perform UAV operations in compliance with the latest regulations. The European drone regulations allow us to operate anywhere in Europe. This means that our missions are planned carefully with appropriate risk assessments (SORA) in order to operate safely in accordance with our operations manual.

Operations support

Our experience with multiple day flight campaigns enables us to support any type of flight operation. We can assist the transportation of the UAS and all related equipment, but also fuels and UPS systems and power supplies when required. During the operation our ground crew can be of assistance wherever needed - from maintenance to flight planning with our operations vehicle.

Mobile Operations Unit

A mobile operations unit is an operations vehicle that can operate as a standalone. With its integrated universal ground station and maintenance station it is capable of transporting up to six personnel ground crew and the entire UAS. Of course, our mobile operations unit is equipped with the latest technologies for standalone test flight campaigns.

UAV test pilots

Besides regular flights we perform a lot of test flight campaigns. For example, our pilots often perform maiden flights on new UAV designs, because most UAV test campaigns require a different approach than regular flights. UAV’s can show unexpected behaviour and these first flights help to recognise, intercept and later solve these problematics. Our UAV test pilots are involved in our technical teams in order to understand the UAV as much as possible. Even before the first flight. And, of course, we instinctively make the right decision when unforeseen problems appear.

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