Our Capabilities.
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Throughout history, research and development have driven humanity forward in remarkable ways. The thrill of discovery and innovation is what drives us at Orange Aerospace. We envision a cleaner, more sustainable airspace. We are happy to contribute to it through our ability to deploy our ideas, innovations and creations.

Advanced analysis, experimentation and enhancement

Research & Development

Research and development are valuable resources to improve our experience. Capabilities such as sub-scaled flight testing, sustainable propulsion systems, aerodynamic analysis and structural analysis are important to us. Find out more about what we do.

Implementing innovative manufacturing technologies

Development & Manufacturing

The development and manufacturing of aircraft involves several areas of attention. These include aircraft systems engineering and manufacturing, airframe engineering and manufacturing and quality control and testing. Learn and read more about what this entails.

Always the right decision, in a split second


Based on over twenty years of experience, we at Orange Aerospace know how to instinctively act right during flight operations. Our multidisciplinary ground crew, UAV pilots and certified UAS operators act in a split second. Read more about our operators and operations.

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