Isabelle is a research project that focuses on the integration of embedded array antennas (for satellite communication). Through an algorithm, a beam of radio signals is directed to a satellite, regardless of the position of the aircraft and its altitude.


Communication through data streaming

This project was initiated to conduct research on radio communication between flying objects, satellites and the earth. Data streaming is becoming more and more important, anywhere in the world. Antenna technology will have to evolve to meet the worldwide demand for data streaming.

Smart integration

Satellite communications provides a steadier connection between a flying object and the satellite. This connection is provided by smart integrated antennas in the airframe. The radio beam automatically points to the receiver - the satellite - without mechanical movements of the antenna. Through directed beams of radio signals, it requires less power to communicate.

Isabelle Isabelle

Drone-integrated antenna

The goal was to integrate antennas into an existing aircraft platform without the airframe negatively affecting radio signals, and without affecting the aerodynamics. In addition, there is an aerodynamic advantage because there are physically no elements protruding from the airframe leading to air resistance. For more information, also view our project page about OA60.

Isabelle Isabelle Isabelle Isabelle
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