AMPYX Power: Airborne wind energy

Airborne Wind Energy is a new form of energy generation. Through flying objects, kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy. The AP3 became a substitute for a wind turbine, which requires less foundation and can therefore be placed in more locations than a wind turbine. This regards on- and off-shore regions.

AMPYX Power: <br>airborne wind energy

AP3 (Ampyx Power)

AP3 is an autonomously flying drone attached to a cable in order to generate traction via this cable. The traction sets a winch in motion that is coupled to a generator. The traction force puts a winch into operation which is coupled to a generator.

The operational purpose

The objective of our Airborne Wind Energy System is to capture the vast wind resource at higher altitudes with much less material than used in conventional wind turbines. Its architecture has been developed to be certifiable and scalable to the commercial system.

AMPYX Power: <br>airborne wind energy AMPYX Power: <br>airborne wind energy

Safety and predictable performance

AP3 focuses on fully automatic operation, safety and predictable performance. During this project, extra attention was paid to the intensive collaboration between Orange Aerospace and Ampyx Power. Both during the designing process of the drone, the assembly line, as well as during the physical production of the drone.

Unprecedented construction tolerance

The limitations regarding dimensional accuracy were tremendously critical. Throughout the entire construction process, construction tolerances were continually monitored. In this project, construction quality was prioritized over lead time and price. The lessons learned and data collected from the demonstrator (AP3) will be invaluable to define and optimise its commercial successor (AP4).

AMPYX Power: <br>airborne wind energy AMPYX Power: <br>airborne wind energy AMPYX Power: <br>airborne wind energy AMPYX Power: <br>airborne wind energy
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