Mobile Operations Unit

Drones are complete systems. Due to the versatility of these systems there is a need to have a support unit that can handle the demand of these Unmanned Aerial Systems. For this reason, we have built a Mobile Operations Unit that can support various high-quality drone technologies in missions.

Mobile Operations Unit

Because of our experience in testing and flight missions, as well as approaching the right people, we designed the unit to be as efficient as possible. Our priority was making sure everything was intuitive, logical and easy to put together. With the Mobile Operations Unit we offer space for crew and tools to maintain and operate.

The Mobile Operations Unit can be used for both operations and support. The possibility to collect data by means of recorders is guaranteed by the redundancy of our systems.

Our Mobile Operations Unit is smaller, more compact and faster than other professional alternatives. Our solution remains professional, robust, well thought-out and with guaranteed electronic redundancy.

The Mobile Operations Unit vastly broadens our supportive and operational capabilities.

Mobile Operations Unit Mobile Operations Unit

The Mobile Operations Unit can be used for Operations such as flight missions. It can also provide mission support, like providing electricity, pressured air, DATA recording and other infrastructure. The Mobile Operations Unit is also used to develop our internal projects.

General information:

  • Modified Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
  • Modular Design -> Provides the ability to serve any customer with their specific mission and platforms
  • Deployable anywhere in Europe
  • Day and Night operational capabilities
  • Redundant standalone energy system
  • Redundant ground control systems
  • Fully customizable control computers
  • Teklite 8-meter telescopic mast
  • Hydraulic leveling system
  • External generator on board
  • Compressed air onboard
  • Mobile external infrastructure


Ground Operating systems:

  • Pilot Seat
  • System & Payload Operator Seat
  • Control operator seat
  • Additional seats Configurable
  • Fully customizable screen layout
  • Crew intercom & VHF radio
  • Dual flight recorder boxes
  • Backup power system for interrupted operations
  • External 360 degrees PTZ camera for mission overview


  • Mobile 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G
  • GNSS Satellite Navigation Antenna’s
  • GNSS RTK base station
  • Wired LAN
  • Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi)
  • VHF Antenna’s and radio’s
  • RF Communications (C2 & C3 links)
  • Custom RF antenna systems (command, control & video links)


Workshop and external infrastructure:

  • Maintenance & repairs
  • Roofed Outside area
  • Charging and fueling stations
  • 230V power grid
  • Outdoor Flood Lights
  • Two day catering

Transport capabilities:

  • Gear and equipment
  • 6 crew members
  • Fuel and batteries
  • Flight-Platforms



Mobile Operations Unit Mobile Operations Unit Mobile Operations Unit Mobile Operations Unit
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