Scaled lockheed: SR-71

This custom built aircraft model is a (55% scaled down) version of the SR-71 Blackbird for airshow purposes. It is suitable for two persons and has a speed close to Mach 1.

Scaled Blackbird: <br>SR-71

Make it iconic

A billionaire's dream came true. An SR-71 Blackbird of his own. Intended to keep the legacy of the SR-71 alive, but also to enjoy it himself and to fly it at airshows. The idea is that through this aircraft the story of the SR-71 will be told to the younger generation.


The SR-71 is the icon of aircraft and has never been recreated or replicated on such a large scale. This custom aircraft model is a 55% scaled down replica of a full carbon fibre Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird. It will be used for airshow purposes.

Scaled Blackbird: <br>SR-71 Scaled Blackbird: <br>SR-71

A legendary jet

This aircraft is designed for demonstrational and expositional purposes, at airshow events. This way it keeps the phenomenon of the SR-71 alive, since it is a benchmark in aviation history and should not be forgotten.

A unique project

What makes this project unique is the manufacturability and accuracy with which we built it. Despite the size of the product, we were able to give it all the attention it needed to ensure it became such a successful and unique custom built aircraft. On top of that, the time frame of this project is certainly noteworthy. Within the bizarrely fast time of five years, we went from 3D scan to execution, to ready for take off.

Scaled Blackbird: <br>SR-71 Scaled Blackbird: <br>SR-71 Scaled Blackbird: <br>SR-71 Scaled Blackbird: <br>SR-71 Scaled Blackbird: <br>SR-71 Scaled Blackbird: <br>SR-71
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